FM Services

HWX Enterprises is able to provide a full and diverse range of management of our client's facility and facilities operations. HWX Enterprises has an extensive depth of self-performed capabilities and partnered services. Our list of clients from the industrial, governmental, and commercial sector serves as a testimonial for our wide range of services offered to our clients.

Our approach is not only to be your effective responsive resource to current and future demands but do so at cost competitive benchmark levels through our cost control processes. When reactive to your needs we act immediately to unanticipated field conditions, resolving issues quickly that could jeopardize your overall business.

As your proactive and preventive partner, we help eliminate unexpected cost to your business while sustaining and improving your assets. HWX Enterprises takes pride in the commitment we make to be your accountable partner in exceeding your goals in Facility and Assembly Line Maintenance.

Facilities and Building Management Operations

  • Preventive-Proactive-Reactive Maintenance Services
  • Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing Journeyman Technicians
  • Maintenance and General Operation Technicians