Safety Overview

HWX Enterprises is committed to an injury free workplace. Our dedication to safety is accomplished by taking a proactive approach to ensure a safe work environment. At HWX Enterprises, we are committed to a drug free work environment. An environment that supports identifying and controlling all hazards that employees may face in the workplace. We continually review and audit our program so that it stays current with new practices in an ever-evolving industry. HWX Enterprises is focused when it comes to communication in the field between management and trades so that all hazards are identified and dealt with before work begins and continually as work progresses. HWX Enterprises ensures that all local, state, federal and customer requirements are met for a safe workplace. Working closely with our customer, site requirements are communicated effectively to all levels of the project. HWX Enterprises has a zero tolerance for unsafe work activities on all of our projects and works diligently to maintain a safe work environment for everyone.

Enforce safety procedures for each job task. These instructions have been developed from experience and knowledge of operations and are designed for the safety of every individual who works on one of our sites or projects. In addition we will continually:

safety overview
  • Update and develop safety procedures for job tasks that do not currently have them or where we see a need to update the safety procedure currently in place.
  • Train all employees in the procedures related to the safe performance of their job tasks.
  • Instruct all new or transferred employees so they are able to perform their jobs in a safe manner.
  • Correct all unsafe acts and conditions.
  • Inspect and maintain equipment to prevent unsafe operations.

safety chart

Our mantra is: "Every worker goes home from each of our jobs, every day."