Predictive Maintenance

Vibration Analysis -- It's a well established fact that regular analysis of your key equipment's vibration is a key factor in properly forecasting equipment uptime and reliability. We offer a unique approach to predictive maintenance in our PdM Solutions program. Many years of experiece have taught us that a TEAM APPROACH is the best way to ensure the success of an outsourced predictive maintenance program.

Infrared Thermal Imaging -- In all electrical or mechanical systems excessive heat is usually a hallmark of future problems. Our thermographers (equipped with high quality Infrared Thermal Imaging systems) can reliably detect this heat and report potential problem areas to you prior to failure. A comprehensive infrared inspection program, performed by professional thermographers, can reduce downtime, prevent disastrous failures, and most importantly save lives and money.

Network Validation -- Our evaluation services include Basline and Annual Performance Evaulations, Network Health Checks, and Network Validation. This suite of services offer a combination of comprehensive design analysis, tests, and measurements to determine if the operation of an existing system is consistent with your current functional requirements and if it has the bandwidth and architecture to handle additional network traffic.